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Tree climbing/Jumaring

Tree Climbing / Jumaring


1. FRIM, Kepong
2. Taman Rekreasi Gua Damai
3. Taman Tasek Seri Gombak

  • (Morning classes 10am – 12pm and Afternoon at 2pm – 4pm)
  • FEES: RM25 per pax.(2 hours class)


All equipment is supplied and you’re been insured.

Almost anyone can climb trees with only a few basic knots. Unusual strength is not necessary. All you need is loose clothing, light shoes and some extra energy. This activity is suited for kids 10 years old to kids over 50. Make sure you bring a camera for pictures your friends will want to see.

Special for First Time Climber
This session is designed for a person to immediately experience tree climbing. The ropes are looped over branches and all the knots are tied by our instructors. You then slip into a harness and learn how to move the knots in sequence to gain height. Safe descents are then practiced. It is great fun to suspend yourself from mid-air.

Question: So what if I didn’t have any experience?
Answer: Everyone starts somewhere, and there’s no better way than with Wira’s team below and above you, to give you all the encouragement (and way too much advice) on how to do it. This is NOT a matter of strength, except the mental kind.

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