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Condition of using the center


Dears Climbers,

Welcome to Damai Caves Training Centre!

This climbing area is owner by the 4B Youth Movement Association.

( Pertubuhan Gerakan Belia 4B Kg. Melayu Wira Damai) and is currently managed by Wira Adventure Consultant ( WAC ).

While you are welcome to climb in this area , we urge you to oblige by our regulations when climbing

  1. This area will be closed to public when there is a course on or when there are some other official ceremonies organized by WAC or 4B.
  2. This area should not be used by any other parties for courses, training or any other function other than those conducted by WAC . We welcome you to write officially to WAC should you need to utilize this area .
  3. Please maintain the cleanliness of these area at all time for the pleasure of all that comes to climb. We have placed rubbish bin for your convenience.
  4. Climbing equipment have been provided for all to enjoy while climbing in this area . Do take care of the item and do not remove any from its original place.
  5. Climbers are to climb at their own risk . The management will not be responsible for any accident / fatalities while climbing.
  6. Pork, alcoholic, beverages or any harmful drug are strictly prohibited in this area . No animal are allowed.

The management reserves the right to close the area to public or any individuals or group when any of the above regulation have been violated.

To report any faults or for inquiries please call:

Wira Adventure Consultant Tel: 03-6188 0005

Email: info@wiraconsultant.com Fax: 03-61888734

Website: http://www.wiraconsultant.com Mobile: 012 481 2005

Happy Climbing

The Management .

Wira Adventure Consultant

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