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Chilling waterfall



Duration: 1 day trip

0800 HRS Meet at Batu Cave area (optional)
0930 HRS Meet in front of stadium in Kuala Kubu town.
1000 HRS
Once ready, we trek in to the waterfall. Be prepared to get wet right from the beginning as the trek will take you across the Chilling river, many times. So, remember to pack your things in plastic bags before putting them in you sack. The trek is easy, the hour will pass by without you knowing it. As you arrive, the majestic sight of the waterfall will catch your eyes.

1100 HRS When you are settled, our guide will brief you on how to go about the canyoning activity with a demonstration thrown in. It is now your turn to try out the activity and you will be provided with helmet, buoyancy aid, knee & elbow protectors, harness and off you go. The waterfall is about 60m in height, you will need to do a little trekking upwards. As you catch your breath, our guide will give you a final briefing before putting you on to the safety line. A very important thing to note, for those with long hair, please tie your hair as tightly as possible. Loose hair or ‘tudung’ are safety hazards. Do leave your jewelry at home. As you ease yourself down the rope, your adrenalin will start flowing. Be cheery, as our guide will be on hand to receive you in the water. Between anxiety and excitement, you will want to do canyoning all over again. You get your chance as you will need to ascend another waterfall, this time directly with water flowing on you.

1400 HRS While you are hard at play, our guide cum ‘chef’ will be preparing a light meal for you at our outdoor grill. Grab a bite, rest and relax while you take in all the wonderful and refreshing sights at Chilling waterfall. Soon it’s time to leave and you will wonder if you can come and do the activities over again.

1600 HRS Begin trekking back to the starting point. Dunk yourself at the last river crossing. It’s worth it!
1830 HRS Estimated time arrival at a Kuala Lumpur.

The above package includes light meal, guide, group insurance coverage, canyoning equipment such as harness, ropes, helmet, knee & elbow protectors and buoyancy aid.
ยท Transportation is not inclusive.

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