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Accuracy Challenge

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General Rules


1.0 Authority:

1.1 The competition will be conducted under the authority of MALAYSIA B.A.S.E. ASSOSIATION.
1.2 Malaysia B.A.S.E. Association follows the guidelines of the Local competition rules.
1.3 All participants accept these rules as binding by registering in the competition.

2.0 Aim of the competition:

2.1 To determine Gua Damai B.A.S.E. Accuracy Challenge 2009 champion in landing accuracy.

3.0 Competition Information:

3.1 Title of the competition: GUA DAMAI B.A.S.E. ACCURACY CHALLENGE 2009.

3.2 Date and place:

i) The competition will take place from 15-16 August 2009.
ii)The venue will be at Gua Damai ,Kg. Wira Damai ,Batu Caves.

3.3 Fees:      RM30 per pax.

3.4 Judges Conference:

There will be a judges conference on 14 august 2009.

3.5 Organization

i) Organising Committee is headed by En Mustapha Al Bakri Omar
ii) Meet Director Capt. A.Aziz Ahmad
iii) Chief Judge Col A.Aziz Ahmad
iv) Event Judge Capt. Zainol Abdullah

3.6 Program of event:

The event will comprise of the followings:
3.6.1 Individual Accuracy Landing
i) The scores for the 3 rounds will be taken.
ii) Minimum number of rounds is 2.
iii) Semi-final and final rounds will be held if weather and time permits.

3.7 Wind speed scoring limit for the event is 8 meters per second.

3.8 Program for the competition:

i) Official orientation jumps will be on the 15/08/09, morning.
ii) Technical briefing and safety briefing will be held before the morningjump on the 15/08/09.
iii)  The competition will end at or before 1830 hrs 16/08/09.

3.9 Protest fees:
A fee of RM100 must be accompanied each protest.

3.10 Eligibility for the competition:
Any jumpers with 150 skydives and who are interested

3.11 Awards:
Awards will be made to the first 10 jumpers that have the highest placing.

3.12 Judges:
The panel of judges will comprise of national judges.

3.13 Jury:
Chairman of the jury –En Mustapha Al Bakri .He will select 3 personal approved by Chief Judge and Meet Director.

3.14 Order of jumping:
The order of jumping will be determine by drawing lot.

3.15 Landing Accuracy :

Landing will be scored on a 5 meters radius circle. Point of contact with the ground will be measured .Stand up bonus is high to encourage jumpers to attempt soft landings rather than just hit the target centre. This will minimize the occurrence of landing injuries.Each landing will be awarded a maximum of 16 points.

3.16 Distance from Target:
0.0 (dead center) : 10 points.
5 meters : 0 points.
Each meter away from the target center looses 2 points calculate to the nearest meter.

3.17 Stand up Bonuses
Stand up within view of judges : 6 points
No part of the body except the feet will touch the ground for a stand up landing

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